What To Serve With Greek Salad: 17 Side Dishes!




Greek Salad (or horiatiki salad) is a traditional Greek dish made with juicy tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, sliced red onion, green bell peppers, kalamata olives, creamy feta cheese and dried oregano. The fresh veggies are mixed in a Greek salad dressing or a simple dressing with extra virgin olive oil, a little salt and black pepper.

Greek Salad can be a healthy side dish that comes together in minutes, especially during the spring and summer months. If you’re looking to turn your Greek salad from a side dish to the main meal, I’ve got some ideas for you below!

You could also combine some of these recipes together to create a flavourful and satisfying meal. Another great addition could be serving a Greek salad with chicken breast, lemon butter grilled prawns, or fresh fish for a lighter meal.

1. Creamy Whipped Ricotta Toast With Honey

It’s surprising how quick and delicious whipped ricotta really is! It’s also a very versatile spread and dip. You can add different seasonings and fresh herbs to adjust the flavour of whipped ricotta to your liking or what you’re serving it with.

I love having light and creamy whipped ricotta with honey on sourdough bread.  I think a perfect light lunch is whipped ricotta on thick, crusty bread with a side of classic Greek salad.

two pieces of multigrain bread with whipped ricotta and honey and black pepper.

2. The Best Spanakopita Recipe Ever (Greek Spinach Pie)

Spanakopita, Greek salad, and tzatziki sound like a great combo to me! This spanakopita recipe is made with homemade phyllo dough so that it’s soft and crispy at the same time.  Deliciously filled with fresh spinach, creamy feta cheese, fresh herbs, white onions, and a secret ingredient so that the spanakopita doesn’t become soggy. This recipe is a little time-consuming, but it makes a large portion (about 20 pieces), so it’s definitely worth the extra effort!

Greek spinach pie baked in a baking dish.

3. Easy Greek Rice Recipe

Greek rice is so flavourful and made with simple ingredients. Aromatic fresh herbs and sautéed onions bring the flavours of a Greek restaurant into your kitchen! You can add some thinly crisp cucumber, chopped cherry tomatoes, and finely sliced red onion for a semi-greek salad rice bowl.

two plates of greek rice with diced parsley and fresh dill.

4. Quick Spicy Feta Cheese Dip (Tirokafteri)

Feta and Greek salad go so well together, and if you’re looking to spice up your Greek salad, you could try eating it with tirokafteri (whipped spicy feta dip) instead of regular feta cheese.

spicy feta cheese dip in a glass container surrounded by pieces of bread.

5. The Best Greek Stuffed Tomatoes and Peppers (Gemista)

Gemista is a comforting dish made with ground beef and a herby rice filling.  Gemista (while still delicious during the winter months) is very popular in the spring and summer when tomatoes and bell peppers are in season.  Another favourite warm-weather Greek dish? You guessed it.. greek salad!

Greek stuffed peppers and tomatoes baked in the oven.

6. Easy Oven Baked Greek Tofu Recipe

Greek tofu is a great protein-filled vegetarian option to enjoy with Greek salad.  Greek oven-baked tofu is marinated with fresh lemon juice, olive oil, oregano, and a few other Greek seasonings.  Perfect bite-sized pieces that are crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.

Crispy oven baked Greek tofu on a black baking sheet.

7. Baked Salmon With Creamy Dill Sauce

Creamy dill mayo is made from fresh dill, a little lemon juice, whipping cream, diced white onions, capers, white wine and mayonnaise.  The sauce is then generously poured over oven-baked salmon.  What’s not to love!? Enjoy baked salmon and creamy dill sauce with delicious Greek salad and rice.

two pieces of salmon with mayo and white rice

8. The Best Creamy Tomato Pasta Sauce 

Fresh whipping cream with tomato sauce creates a beautiful pink colour. The flavours of crumbled creamy feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, garlic, and shallots combine for the most delicious penne pasta sauce.

A bowl of penne pasta with pink pasta sauce topped with crumbled feta and parmesan cheese.

9. Easy Roasted Tiny Lemon Potatoes Recipe

Oven-roasted Greek-style potatoes are ready in less than 30 minutes. Drizzled with creamy honey mustard sauce, dried oregano, crumbled feta, and fresh rosemary.  Greek potatoes are a very versatile side dish!

tiny roasted lemon potatoes with crumbled feta cheese, dried oregano and fresh sage leaves.

10. Traditional Greek Pork Souvlaki Recipe

A very common food pairing! Pork souvlaki with Greek salad. There’s a reason it’s so popular!

pork souvlaki wrapped in pita bread, with tzatziki, fries, sliced tomatoes, and red onions.

11. Super Simple Pita Bread Recipe (No Yeast) 

Doughy and warm pita bread pretty much goes great with everything. You can also serve Greek salad with fresh crusty bread to dip into the homemade vinaigrette or Greek salad dressing.

three pieces of homemade pita bread stacked on top of eachother.

12. Homemade Meatballs With Marinara Sauce

Easy, juicy, and so full of flavour! Oven-baked meatballs made with lean ground beef and fresh herbs are a great high-protein and filling option to enjoy with traditional Greek salad, tzatziki and pita bread.

meatballs in tomato sauce with feta cheese and fresh basil.

13. Easy Spaghetti With Meat Sauce (Makaronia me Kima)

Homemade spaghetti and meat sauce is the ultimate comfort food! You could add some mozzarella cheese on top and bake it in the oven, or enjoy it as is with freshly grated parmesan cheese.  Serve spaghetti and meat sauce with authentic Greek salad and fresh bread for an easy family-favourite weeknight meal!

spaghetti and meat sauce in a bowl with grated parmesan cheese and parsley.

14. Crispy Halloumi Burger With Creamy Dill Mayo

Crispy, golden-brown halloumi cheese, caramelized onions, creamy dill mayo, and fresh arugula nestled between a lightly toasted brioche bun. This halloumi burger is a delicious vegetarian option to serve with a Greek salad for those summer BBQs or family gatherings!

crispy halloumi burger with dill mayo, caramelized onions, arugula and fries.

15. Homemade Greek Pizza With Garlic Butter

Homemade pizza is so easy to make (and fun!), especially when using store-bought pizza dough. Enjoy freshly baked pizza right out of your oven anytime and from the comfort of your home. Paired with Greek salad, and you’ve got yourself a delicious Greek-inspired meal!

homemade greek pizza with garlic butter, black olives, tomatoes, red onions, feta, and shredded cheese baked in the oven.

16. Spanakopita With Puff Pastry

The fragrant flavours of fresh spinach, dill, and creamy feta filling are baked in a buttery, flaky phyllo dough crust. This Greek appetizer would be a great addition to any appetizer platter!

puff pastry spanakopita cut into squares on white parchment paper.

17. Greek Eggplant With Feta and Tomato Sauce

This irresistible oven-baked eggplant dish is made with thick layers of eggplant, delicious tomato sauce, creamy feta cheese, and fresh herbs. The combination of Greek eggplant, Greek salad, and fluffy pita bread is so good together!

eggplant with tomato sauce and feta cheese on top of white rice.

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Date Published: December 22, 2022

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What To Serve With Greek Salad: 17 Side Dishes!


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