Melomakarona are almost cake-like honey cookies with a firm exterior dipped in a sweet honey orange syrup. One bite and these will be your new favourite Greek cookies!

Greek Honey Cookies 

Greek almond cookies are fluffy, sweet, and crumbly cookies that are truly irresistible!


Galatopita (milk pie) is a popular Greek dessert made with a creamy custard filling and butter phyllo sheets.  Each bite is sweet, creamy, and crispy!


This may be the best chocolate orange cake you've ever had! A chocolate twist on portokalopita, you will love this dessert!

Chocolate Portokalopita

The best dairy-free creamy rice pudding recipe! The perfect snack or Greek dessert that will remind you of traditional Greek rizogalo.

Dairy-Free Rice Pudding

Portokalopita is a Greek orange cake made with fresh orange juice, oil, phyllo, Greek yogurt, eggs and sugar.


Fresh lemon juice, lemon zest and just the right amount of sweetness from the white chocolate chips!

Easy Lemon Biscotti

Paximadakia are sweet soft biscotti with hints of cinnamon and orange flavour!

Yiayia's Soft Biscotti

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